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Posted on March 16, 2020


Materials Trailer
Posted on March 6, 2020


Our class went to a trailer that was parked right by our school! It had materials inside it. I thouhgt "Wow. This is awesome. I have never seen anything like this." It was something incredible thing to see. I never saw anything that organized. It was indredible to see. I thought "They must have worked so hard on this. I'm so glad I got to see it." And I got to pick three things!! It was kind of overwhelming and cool. It was not just cool, it was incredible. I never saw it before and when I did it was incredible. [William]

When I walked inot the Materials Trailer I thought "Cool!" And then somebody said "This whole pack counts as one?" "Yup!" I said. And then I heard someboy said, "Wow, this is awesome!" And then somebody said, "The pieces are so tiny!" "You're right," I said. nd then somebody said, "All of my materials match!" [James]

On Thursday people from the Materials Center came to talk to our class. Their names were Wendy and Susan. They brought this trailer along and a book about the Materials Center. There were tons of materials in the trailer. Our class was allowed to go in and pick three items each. And the teachers were allowed to pick five pounds. Our class took turns in the trailer. Each group got five minutes each. [Amelia]

Thursday it was a half day and first we had Quiet Time. I went to the library and I got Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down. Then we got to do a special thing and I and Jacob were in the same group and we said "Yes! We are in the same group!" Something like that. But Greta said "It was a mistake, but I don't care." So when we got in the trailer, I got a key and Jacob got a bunch of tiles. It was just one thing. And then I got a ring and you can only get one thing... I mean three. And we were the first people out and I had school lunch. And I was on the bus that day, too. And two people had their Nintendo Switches and I got off the second to last stop and I finihsed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2... I mean 3. And I was so happy. [Ameer]

This week on Thursday two people came to our class and showed us something called "The Trailer". I thought to myself "Wow! This is so cool." I also thought to myself "There's a lot of fabric." And I said to Willa "I see you mom," and she said "I know." And the two people's names are Wendy and Susan. And I think Wendy said "1st grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade did this, too. And when we were walking back I showed Amelia my things and she said "You should have got the little tiles. They're kind of useful." And I said "Well, you didn't get them?" [Kaya]

This week my class went to the Materials Center - not actually their home base but inside their truck. When I went inside it blew my mind. In my mind I said "OMG!" They had a ton of elastic. They had house keys and that's not it. There's more! There are rings (well, that's what me and Levi F thought). [Alex]

This week on Thursday I went to the Materials Van!! I was in the second group. When I got into the van I saw this really cool fabric, so I took it. THen I walked around. Then I found this cool block. Then I went to the yarn and felt something really fluffy and it was a red string. And then I thought "All of my things match!!" [Ola Mae]


On Thursday we had a 1/2 day. We went to a Materials Trailer. I said "I've been here before! I was in Ola's group. My mom was taking pictures. Ola said "All of my materials match." Amelia said "Wow! This is awesome!" My mom said "I am going to take a picture of you!" PS. I know Wendy and Susan. [Willa]

Thursday I saw rubber and I had a disc and a key. It was gold. I liked it. I don't like the disc that much, but I took it anyway. But there's more. I saw nothing in the street. Not a single car in the street. [Dylan]

We saw the recycling team and we were allowed to go in the van. It was so cool. We got to pick three things out. They were so cool and it was a bus and then things were so cool. [Jacob]

This place called the Materials Center came to our school. The Material Center is where people collect things that people don't want anymore like fabric, cardboard, stuff like that. So they brought a trailer of materials and everyone could choose three items from the Materials Trailer. Everybody went in six different groups. [Vivi]

We went to the Material Van Trailer. We bought stuff. I bought four circles. It was fun. I was screaming as loud as everyone. [Jeremy]

This week was a special week. Can you guess why? No, you can not. I will tell you. The Materials Center came to our classroom and we got to go in this totally sick trailer. [Levi H]


So on Thursday these people named Susan and the other one was named Wendy so they're from this place in Manhattan called the Materials Center. It collects stuff that people throw away. They also have a trailer. And it carries stuff that they would have at the Materials Center. Wendy and Susan brought us down to the Materials Trailer. I was in the last group to go down. We all got to choose three things to bring back to the classroom. When I was in the trailer somebody siad "The pieces are teeny!" [MD]


Trip to MoMA
Posted on February 28, 2020

We went to MoMA. It was so fun! But Nola dropped her hat down the escalator. We say Jacob Lawrence's paintings. We saw Frida Kahlo's paintings. We saw many paintings My mom did not come on the trip. It is sooo sad!! I was in Kaya and Nola's group. [Willa]

I was at the museum working on pictures. It was a little boring but it was a little fun and there was cool stuff though at least I had a trip. I was happy. [Latfiyah]


This week we went to MoMA. There were just some sculptures I just don't understand including the naked people. For lunch I had purple hummus and eggs. It was good. [Levi H]

This week I went to the Museum of Modern Art. I saw Jacob Lawrence art and train videos and Van Gogh art and Frida Kahlo art and Paul Gauguin art and blue wings. [Jeff]

We went to the Museum of Modern Art. I saw a train video. I also saw the Frida Kahlo. I saw the Jacob Lawrence pictures. [Jeremy]

I liked the Museum of Modern Art. I saw Jacob Lawrence and Frida and Van Gogh. I saw dead people and violence and inappropriate stuff. I saw a train video. I like train videos. And I saw exciting things too. It was cool. [Dylan]

On Wendesday my class went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). The main part we went there is bacuse to see Jacob Lawrence's art work. First we had to wait on the first floor to get a bin for our back-packs and coats. After we put our back-packs and coats we sat on benches and waited to get our groups. I was in my mom's group with Jeff and MD. First we went to Jacob Lawrence. Then we went to Frida Kahlo. Then we saw Van Gogh, Seurat, Paul Gauguin. After we saw all of the artists we left MoMA. We walked not too far to eat lunch and we were feeding the pigeons. It all began when Etta dropped a raspberry on the ground and we all started to kick toward the pigeons. Then we all started to throw food like Dylan was throwing his brownie at the pigeons but they just got scared and ran away from the food. I was throwing my pita chips. But my mom got a little bit mad because I was throwing the pita chips because she was eating them. [Mila]

On Wednesday me and my class went on a trip to the Museum of Modern Art also known as MoMA. We went there to see Jacob Lawrence's art, because they are hanging up on the walls! They are not in drawers! We also saw Frida Kahlo's art, Vincent Van Gogh's art, George Seurat's and Paul Gauguin's art. There were also pictures and sculptures of naked paople! [MD]

On Wednesday my class went to MoMA. That stands for Museum of Modern Art. We were studying the art. I drew Jacob Lawrence's artwork in my Field Journal. I made up a name for my art work. It was called "Hunger!!" because there was a lot of food. There was meat mailed to the wall. I said "Gross!" There was something that was stacked up that looked like pancakes... a knife was lying on the pancakes. And there was a plain peice of bread. [Alex]

We went on a field trip this week. We went to the Museum of Modern Art, also called MoMA. It was so much fun. We got to see all kinds of artists. We got to see Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Jacob Lawrence, Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat. We even got to see the famous Starry Night. There were lots of people around Starry Night. [Vivan C]

On Wednesday we went to the Museum of Modern Art. It was fun. We got to see really famous portraits and paintings. And at lunch we got to feed the pigeous. [Nola]

We went to Moma!! It felt really short but really fun!! Here are the artists we saw: Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Jacob Lawrence, Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe. Then we went back to school. There were naked pictures!!! [James]

This week we went to the Museum of Modern Art. We saw all of the artists we studied and I got to see Starry Night in real life. It was really cool. My grandma came with us too! We also got to draw some Jacob Lawrence. We had groups, too. My group was Nola and Willa but they weren't with us really. It was really fun. The paintings weren't copies, I don't think. I also got to see one of Seurat's dot paintings. I couldn't have counted all of the dots. We also got to see two of Frida Kahlo's paintings. They were amazing. I saw one of Gauguin's art, too. I got to see Starry Night from Van Gogh. On the ground in front there was some tape. There were also some videos. We went on this trip on Wednesday. When we were walking, Nola lost her hat! And then my grandma had to find it - but good thing we found it. [Kaya]

I went to the MoMA as a class field trip and my dad came! My favorite painting was one with a lion with a woman that was sleeping at night in a dessert with an oud. [Vivi S]

Our class went to the MoMA. It was fun. We saw soooo many paintings. It felt like I was in a museum and paintings were everywhere. And it even seemed like there were so many paintings. It felt like there should be paintings on the wall and on the ceilings but when I looked up I saw that there were no paintings on the wall or on the ceiling. But it setill was cool. And I hope I get to go there again. Even though the next time I will go in a loooong time. What made it fun was when I saw all of the paintings I thought to myself "Look over there and loog over there and look over there," and one of the most fun things about it was seeing all the painters that we studied. That was the best part about it. [William]

The museum was fun and it had a lot of creepy pictures and then there were skeletons. [Elijah]


This week we went to the MoMA. We saw Jacob Lawrence paintings. We also saw Frida Kahlo paintings. We also saw Van Gogh paintings. We also saw Seruat paintings. This is the most exciting thing - was that my dad came!!! [Ola Mae]

When I was walking to the Frida Kahlo place I saw a creepy doll. "Uhhh," I said. Then we saw a mirror and I was surprised that we did not draw one of the them. Then we went to see Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and Seurat and when I was going to them I saw a picture of a blood painting and I did not like it. But it was a good look. At lunch time we walked to Pigeon City. It was cool and we saw a pigeon queen and a pigeon king. It was cool. I had two things for lunch and we had fun on the trip. I got a new instructor in swimming. [Ameer]


Posted on January 21, 2020

Get ready for your island adventure...

Click the picture below and take a look at the places and animals. Choose two of them that you want to imagine being on YOUR island. Look carefully. What OH NO moments can you imagine based on the pictures? What will you DO about each OH NO?


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and More
Posted on January 17, 2020

Our class went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and got to draw bonsai trees. I thought the rainforest and tropical had a stinky smell. I think I'd been there before but I'm not so sure. I got a forest of little trees and drew it. It was cold. [Vivian C]

On Tuesday I saw a dead fish. OMG. The tiny bonsai room is so fun and cool. I went to the desert. I liked the cactuses. It was dry and hot. The rain forest was stinky. I visited all three rooms. [Dylan]

This week we went to the BBG. We took the bus there. We went to three different rooms. We went on Tuesday. It was also quiet there. We drew bonsai trees. We went to the desert room, the forest and the rain forest. It was fun and cool. My favorite part was drawing the bonsai trees. And my favorite room was the forest. I also made a list of colors I saw and what I thought it felt like. [Kaya]

We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We saw bonsai trees. They were tiny. There was a big rain forest and Vivian C said it was stinky! [Amelia]

On Tuesday we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We took a bus there. The bus was loud. There was a cold room. It was quiet in the room. [Emersyn]

We went to the Botanic Garden and we drew little trees and some rooms were stinky and we went to different rooms and we had to choose a room and I chose the desert. There was stuff. Lots of stuff there that were pointy and there were trees. [Jacob]

I went to the Botanic Garden!! I saw a fist but it was dead. I went to warm weather! It had foul air. It had foul air. I went to the rain forest. It also had foul air. I saw cactuses. I saw bamboo and vines and flowers and a cave and the cave only had ferns! But there was a cough drop wrapper. [Zev]

We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And it smelled good in the three rooms. And in one room it had stairs and that was the room I went in to. And I liked it so much. And in the room when we were drawing the trees, it was so cold in there. [Elijah]

I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. First I had lunch. Then I went to the Garden. First the bonsai trees (we had to draw them). Then we visited three rooms: forest, rainforest and desert. We go to choose a room to write about. I chose desert. (Rainforest was stinky.) [Ellie]

This week we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We took a bus there. We ate lunch at Prospect Park and then we went across the street to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. First, we walked to a greenhouse to the bonsai trees to draw them. After, we went downstairs to pick a room. I picked the desert. The desert had lots and lots of light in the room. Andrew took lots of pictures of me. [Mila]

On Tuesday we had a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We saw the bonsai trees. It was the greatest ever. [Levi H]

On Tuesday we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was boring. We drew pictures of trees and went into three different rooms and the rooms were fun and I loved it! [Nola]

This week we went to the Botanic Garden. When we went inside we passed three rooms. There was a desert, a forest and a rainforest. I went in the forest. There was a cave. There was a piece of trash. Then I marked down the way things felt and what colors they were. [Ola Mae]

On Tuesday we went to the BBG. The bonsai garden was quiet and cold. We went into three rooms and they were all different. And there were tiny plants. There was a desert, tropical and forest. [Willa]

Today I went swimming and it was really really really fun! And I jumped from the diving board! At first, I was really scared but then it was not that scary and it was soooo fun! And we went in the 9-feet-deep pool and we did the back float and we did the front float too. And I went underwater and it was really really fun. [Eloise]

I went swimming. It was cold and fun. I was at 4 feet and 3 feet. It was hot. My hair was wet. [Jeff]

I jumped over the diving board. I went up. It was so much fun. I want to go again. [Latfiyah]

This week I played water polo. We won four two. I scored two times. MD scored once and Zev did too! I was very good at goalie. [Alex]

We went swimming and I played Marco Polo and I played with Elijah and he got me it. And it was at the last minute and it was so cold out of the water. And I was the first one out of the changing room and we played Simon Says with Valerie and it was fun. And I did not get out at all. And I jumped off the diving board and it was fun. And on the way back the person I sat next to fell asleep and that is it. [Ameer]

I went swimming. We used noodles and it was fun. I liked it. I had fun. We played a game. It was a ball game. I liked it. [Jeremy]

I went down. Almost at the bottom. [Liam]